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Millennials: How This Up and Coming Workforce Will Boost Business for SIP Providers

SIP providersGeneration Y. Gen Next. The Me Generation.

Who are these people and why do we hear so much about them?

Born between 1980 and 1995, these are the men and women who will soon dominate the workforce. Their numbers are creeping close to 50% of active employment totals. By 2025 projections say this generation will make up almost 75% of the workforce worldwide.

As SIP providers these numbers are significant on multiple levels. The characteristics of the majority population in any organization determines how that business operates.

The good news for the telephony industry: Millenials love their technology.

To find out how this group of 20- to 30-somethings will drive change in communications, let’s break down what drives them.

Who Are These Millennials?

Depending on the author, the portrayal of this group of individuals varies tremendously.

On one side of the coin, they’re lazy, helicopter-parented, instant gratification seeking, avocado toast-loving, self-centered brats. The flip side tells us they are well-educated, health-conscious, open-minded, socially responsible innovators.

Take a little of this and a little of that. Then mash it together (like the avocado for your toast). The result is the following 4 traits that define Millenials in the workplace. As a SIP reseller, you’d be wise to take note.

Value Collaboration

A sense of community is practically built into their DNA thanks to social media.

They embrace new ideas, welcome input from others and want to know what others are thinking “right now.”

Having the ability to contact co-workers and managers wherever they are — at home working remotely, in their car after a sales call, or across the world — drives productivity within this group.

Video conferencing is a must. Brainstorming sessions aren’t happening in the conference room anymore. And Millennials flock to the office culture that encourages this.

Every business that wants to offer this new alternative way of working should act. implementation of the processes, applications, and systems needs to happen now.

Sound like an opportunity?

Fond of Flexibility

Sure, they enjoy their yoga, but we’re talking the I-want-more-than-one-choice sense.

Millenials were the catalyst for flexibility in the workplace. They want to choose when they come into the office (if ever).

Employers have responded.

The Deloitte Millennial Survey of 2017 showed that 64% of companies now allow employees to work at off-site locations. This is a substantial 21-percent increase from 2016.

As employers learn that the cost of setting up remote working capabilities isn’t cost-prohibitive, demand will increase rapidly.

Many SIP providers encounter the company that resists allowing a remote workforce. The big reason is productivity concerns. Handle that objection with ease as more and more businesses find the opposite to be true.

Globally an overwhelming number of organizations have found that flexible working benefits their bottom line. One study reveals some very encouraging numbers:

  • 61% saw increased profits
  • 83% experienced improvement in productivity
  • 58% believe that offering flexible schedules boosted their business reputation among new recruits


Millennials desire connection.

Raised on social media their sense of community is a constant driver. This mindset spills over into the workplace. The definition of millennial happiness is to stay connected no matter where they are.

The ability to access the telephone system and networks of their employer, using any device they choose, is an advantage to everyone involved. Companies with a solid VoIP infrastructure meet the expectations of the mobile-minded Millennials.

Many Millennials grew up in homes with no landlines. The fact that they can access SIP connections from anywhere makes them big fans.

The cubicles in Google’s NYC location no longer have desk phones. They weren’t being used. Most employees, who live on their mobiles, didn’t even notice.

This Bring Your Own Device culture is a result of Millennial mobile-mindedness. And, although Gen Next “invented” BYOD, many still want to keep their private number separate from business.

Sounds like the perfect intersection with DID capabilities, right?

Ready for Change

Different from being flexible, this refers to the ability to accept new ways of doing things.

Millennials are tech-savvy and tech-driven. They are not likely to shy away from changes or advances. Unlike their predecessors, there is no old school “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” mentality.

The Millennial acceptance of change was in some ways pushed on them in a trial by fire. The majority entered the workforce before or during the decline of the U.S. economy. when the economy collapsed into chaos around 2008 Millennials were forced to accept change as the status quo. They learned to improvise, problem-solve, and adapt accordingly.

With constant advancement in technology, SIP providers are able to expand what they offer. New capabilities are the proverbial carrot. Gen ers are more than happy to go along for the ride.

Millennials: A Secret Weapon for SIP Providers

What do Millenials want?

  • Improved productivity on their terms
  • Mobility for the sake of flexibility
  • Collaboration with their co-working community

Considering that over half of companies currently employ more than 50 people who fall into the Millennial category, it’s time for them to step-up. Employment data and analysis show that businesses not prepared to meet these demands suffer in recruitment and retention.

What can VoIP do?

  • Increase efficiency
  • Seamlessly integrate a remote workforce
  • Provide connectivity for multiple platforms

As a SIP provider, relaying this information to startups and small businesses establishes a level of expertise. You’ll also gain trust.

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