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5 Industries That Need SIP Upgrades for Their VoIP Phone Systems Now

voip phoneInnovative businesses are always searching for ways to enhance productivity and efficiency. And what better way to do so than with improved business communications?

After all, without proper communications, your sales teams can’t do their job. Nor will clients receive timely customer service.

Both scenarios can create a sinkhole in your finances, leading to a major loss of revenue. To avoid this problem, it’s best for companies in all sectors to consider trading in their analog phone for a VoIP phone.

But not just any kind – your business should implement SIP Trunking. If you’re new to this concept, then continue reading!

What is SIP Trunking?

In a nutshell, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is a lot like traditional phone lines. However, everything is virtually connected using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

In other words, your phone lines all operate through your internet connection. Now, trunking isn’t a new term. In fact, it’s the same method traditional phone services used back in the day.

All it means is that communication paths are shared for a large group of phone users. This made it ideal for large businesses and corporations to have many phone lines in one building.

SIP is a protocol that allows VoIP services to function. What makes SIP Trunking different is that it eliminates the physical need for lines and circuit connections. Everything is virtual and exists on IP Networks.

Today, businesses can obtain a VoIP phone that comes with voice, video data and internet services bundled into one.

What Are the Advantages of a VoIP phone?

Obviously, a company’s top concern is the cost and reliability of their business communications. So a large portion of their funds went into standard phone lines.

It was so expensive that it was typically only available to Fortune 100 companies. With SIP Trunking, it levels the playing field for smaller entities to compete.

Another benefit of VoIP phones is that they don’t come with the same disruptions caused by bad weather. Rather than waiting for a repair crew to come out, VoIP phone providers reroute calls to different networks of phones.

And let’s not forget the hardware, which required a tech to setup, install and maintain. The cost of this alone made traditional phones more expensive. This is all eliminated with VoIP telephone systems.

Now, let’s look into which five industries should switch to SIP Trunking today.

1. Every Hotel Should Have a VoIP Phone

The internet has already done a lot for the hospitality industry. For instance, it’s made it easier for travelers to book stays on their computers or mobile devices.

However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for a telephone system. But it does reveal the waste of money traditional phone lines, given the reduced need for them.

While tourists are using their devices to book rooms, they still use their phones to reach out for customer service. If your hotel isn’t readily available, then you may potentially lose more than a handful of guests.

Plus hotels can place VoIP phones inside of guests’ rooms.

In order to meet the demand of customer support (and downsize during slow season), hotels should switch over to SIP Trunking. It’s economical and reliable – what more can you ask for?

2. Emergency Services Need Reliable Communications

You operate a business that requires you to be available 24-7. This goes for companies that offer maintenance, tech support, and managed services.

There’s small room for error, given the fact your customers hired you to be there for them on a whim. With a VoIP phone, you can ensure you have the communications setup that allows this.

For instance, your in-the-field employees will need to maintain contact with your base of operations.

There are many other reasons why VoIP is an optimal choice for service companies. This includes managing customer relationships, delivering assistance via help desks and providing service records on demand.

3. VoIP is Needed in the Retail Industry

Long ago, retailers dealt mainly on a local level. However, today, the industry has become very diverse. You have deals with suppliers across continents, which makes it imperative for you to have reliable communications.

In retail, your business relies heavily on the speed of shipments and value. This value stems from the quality of your products, as well as the quality of your customer service.

Ensuring items arrive to consumers on time is critical to maintaining happy customers. And this is the reason why many retailers are switching over from traditional phones to VoIP systems.

The ability to scale on demand is what makes VoIP phones impressive. Seasonal spikes in sales require a proper adjustment to meet the demand. Regular phone lines don’t offer this flexibility.

4. Online Marketing Agencies Should Go Digital

The high demand for online marketing services is ever-growing. Meeting this demand requires great flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

Sticking with the old-school phone lines means paying a higher monthly bill and dealing with the hassle of maintaining equipment. This alone can make managing a small business tougher.

It makes perfect sense for a digital company to move to digital phone services. It streamlines sales, customer service, and workplace productivity.

Reliable communications are crucial for collaborative projects and keeping in touch while on the road.

5. Small Businesses Can Level the Playing Field

Small businesses have small budgets. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocre products and services.

Nor should it mean giving an arm and a leg just to afford quality business communications. With VoIP phones, you can cut the costs and grow your phone lines (or downsize) as needed.

The return on investment on a quality VoIP system also makes this option reasonable. You get all the features needed to make communications easier.

Get a VoIP Phone for Your Business

It doesn’t matter whether your industry is listed here or not. Transferring over to VoIP will future-proof your business communications.

At SIP Trunk, we can provide upgrades to your phone systems to ensure quality and reliability. And this is all offered at competitive rates.

If you want to gain a competitive edge (or keep up with the times), then give SIP Trunk a call today!

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