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How SIP Trunk Resellers Can Land Small Business Clients

sip trunk resellerAre you good with people and have a natural mind for business? Have you always been interested in telecommunications? Do you want a way to make money and have a steady stream of income?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you should be a SIP trunk reseller. Landlines are on the way out, and soon more businesses will be getting rid of them completely. It’s a booming industry, and now is the right time to get in on the ground floor.

What Is SIP Trunk?

If you’re interested in the telecom industry or have worked in an office you’ve probably used a VoIP phone before. A SIP trunk is a like an enhanced version of VoIP services. The SIP trunk will work with the VoIP to give users a superior calling experience.

The “SIP” in SIP trunk stands for session initiation protocol. SIP is the standard communications protocol for video and voice across a data network. Once a business has a SIP trunk, the need for hardware, wiring, and even circuit boxes are gone.

The “trunk” will be virtually installed over a business’ existing internet connection. When the process is done, businesses won’t have to use analog phone lines ever again.

SIP Trunk Reseller Tips for Small Businesses

If you were to tell any decision maker at a big business or conglomerate about the benefits of using SIP trunk, they’d jump at the chance to make the switch. Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy with small business owners.

For the average SIP trunk reseller, small businesses are an untapped market. Businesses with less than 500 employees make up a surprising amount of the market, and they’re also the ones that need innovative ways to save money. They’re the organizations that could truly benefit from the cost saving measures of SIP trunk, but getting them to sign up can be a challenge.

Small business owners are always worried about money, and because of this convincing them to get something new can be hard. If you go to the average small business owner and simply tell them that what you’re selling will save them money, you won’t make a sale. They need to be shown exactly how and why what you’re offering will save them money.

Need some help convincing your next small business prospect that they should make the switch to SIP trunk? If you remember these talking points during your next pitch, you could end up walking away with your next commission.

Mention the International Call Savings

Despite advances in communications technology, making international calls is very expensive. The average consumer may never need to make an international call, but that isn’t the case for businesses.

Some people make the mistake of equating small business with local business. There are a ton of small businesses in the United States that have clients around the world. Mentioning the amount you can save from not being charged for international calls can help make a sale.

A SIP trunk reseller can easily make the mistake of not mentioning international call savings when they do their pitches. Always be sure to mention this even if you’re not sure where the client gets most of their business from, it could be what helps you sign them.

Talk About DID

If you’re a SIP trunk reseller, you know about all of the benefits that go along with the service. Mentioning direct inward dialing (DID) may not seem important to you during a pitch, but it that extra service could be exactly what your potential client is looking for.

Let’s face it, having multiple phone numbers and extensions can be expensive. You have to get a specialist to install the lines, then you have to deal with the extra equipment and cost of having a separate line. Maintaining multiple phone lines isn’t ideal for the average small business owner, but most don’t have a choice.

Mentioning the benefits of DID is essential in your pitch. Describe to your client how simple having multiple numbers is when you use SIP trunk. No more complicated and costly line set ups, they’ll be able to do it with ease.

Play Up Record Keeping

Small business employees can spend a lot of time on the phone talking to clients and other employees. Wouldn’t it be nice for small business owners to be able to have a record of every call that happens? Usually, call logs can be expensive to get, but if you use SIP trunk you’ll have a way to track every call.

A SIP trunk reseller should paint a vivid picture of how this can help the average small business owner. This is a feature that could easily cost them extra money every month, but it’s something that’s included for every SIP trunk user.

Imagine being able to see exactly how your employees talk to customers. With the help of logs, you could find which employees need extra training on proper customer service techniques.

Call logs could also come in handy in case there’s ever an issue with a wholesaler or customer. There’s no longer any need for “he said, she said”, you’ll know exactly what happened with the help of a call log.

Talk About the Small Savings

Have you ever had to set up a call forwarding service to ensure that your business would get the important communications they’d need? Call forwarding costs money and can be a luxury some small business can’t afford. With SIP trunk you won’t have to set up another forwarding service again, the system will handle it.

Have you ever gotten a phone bill and noticed that you were being charged for a line you thought was shut down years ago? With SIP trunk there are no physical lines to deal with, so there’s no need to worry about a ghost line popping up.

Those small savings may not be show-stoppers, but they’re worth mentioning. Even the smallest costs add up for small business owners and mentioning them is a must for any SIP trunk reseller.

Your Turn

Do you have tips about how you’ve convinced small business owners to use SIP trunk services? Share with our readers in the comments section! And if you have any questions about SIP trunk services or becoming a reseller, sign up today so you can get started.

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