The Best SIP Trunk Reseller Program Business Terms

Becoming a SIP trunk reseller is a great way to boost revenue, build deeper customer relationships, and make your business more profitable. Of course, you’ll want to choose a partner that offers a top-quality, Tier-1 carrier network, an easy-to-use online portal for provisioning and administration, and compatibility with many PBX systems. But beyond the technical features of the solution, careful consideration should be given to the business terms associated with any SIP trunk reseller program that you consider. This is what can really set one vendor apart from another. Here are the most optimal terms that you should insist on.

No Long-term Contracts, Obligations, or Up-Front Costs

The best SIP trunking reseller programs don’t require any commitments or long-term costs. You should be able to simply log in to a dealer portal, agree to basic terms, create an account and begin provisioning customers. You will be making a profit on your very first customer. You shouldn’t even need to provide a credit card number unless you will be subscribing to SIP for your own business. (A great idea.) Look for a program that also requires no long-term obligations or contracts from your customers.

Flexible Subscription Options

It will be much easier to resell SIP trunking service if you can match the subscription to the specific needs of each customer. Some clients will want unlimited calls to most of the US and Canada for one monthly fee per channel. This is called an unlimited minutes plan. Others may prefer to have an unlimited number of channels with a block of minutes. This approach is called unlimited trunks. Heavy phone users might opt for a wholesale trunk plan that offers an unlimited number of channels with a low, per-minute rate. If you partner with a vendor that offers all three pricing options, you’ll be able to fit your offer to each customer’s business.

Vendor Managed Billing and Taxes

If you are thinking about becoming a SIP reseller, chances are that you aren’t doing it because you love sorting through the complex set of taxes and fees associated with telecommunications or because you love the process of preparing invoices. Fortunately, you can find a SIP reseller program that takes care of billing and taxes for you so that you can spend your time selling and servicing your clients.

Bring Your Own Bandwidth

Some SIP trunk vendors require that the customer get bandwidth from them. They offer low prices for SIP trunking but make it up by becoming the ISP. You can take the friction out of each sale by choosing a SIP reseller program that is bandwidth agnostic. Your clients will be free to choose the ISP that offers the highest quality and best price in their area. Most business internet connections are sufficient for SIP trunking, so the service your customer already has is more than likely fine as is. You won’t have to spend time convincing them to change their service provider.

Now that you know what the most reseller-friendly services provide, you can choose one that checks off each of these requirements. With the right partner, you’ll build a solid base of recurring monthly revenue in no time.

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