Important Questions for Your Wholesale SIP Provider

If you are looking for a wholesale SIP trunking provider, you will have plenty to choose from. The challenge isn’t finding a potential partnership program, the challenge is picking the one that gives you the highest chance of successfully building your wholesale SIP business.

Here are some questions that will help you uncover the best partner and program.

Are there subscription/package/pricing options that will meet the needs of all of my customers.

Every customer you serve will have different needs and preferences. Instead of choosing a program with limited options that forces you to put round pegs in square holes, chose one that has the flexibility to provide your customer with the service they want. Look for a program that lets you offer:

Unlimited Minutes: These are SIP trunks sold by the channel with an unlimited inbound and outbound calling minutes to most of the US and Canada. A channel represents one concurrent inbound or outbound call. Customers pay a monthly fee for each of the channels they need.

Unlimited Channels: In this case, the customer buys a certain bundle of minutes for each month, but can use as many channels (concurrent calls) as they need.

Wholesale Trunks:  Wholesale SIP trunks include an unlimited number of channels with a per minute rate.

How easy is it to get customers up and running and manage existing accounts?

You want to spend your time selling more services to existing customers and acquiring new ones, not administering SIP systems and struggling to get new clients provisioned. That’s why you’ll want to find a SIP partner that has streamlined the processes of getting clients up and running and maintaining them once they are in production. The provider should have an easy-to-use online control panel that simplifies every aspect of system administration.

Does it use a Tier-1 Network?

We’re not going to get into the weeds of network infrastructure here, but partnering with a service that leverages a high-quality network is essential to the success of your wholesale SIP business. Insist on a provider with a Tier-1, SAE 16 Type II certified network. It should also have real-time replication and total redundancy. For true business continuity, look for one that leverages automated outage detection and immediate failover to backup gateway servers in the event of an outage.

Will it work with most PBX platforms?

One of the great things about SIP trunking for customers is that there is usually a very small initial investment. This advantage goes out the window if the wholesale SIP platform you choose doesn’t work with the PBX systems your customers already have. Find a wholesale VoIP trunk partner that is compatible with many platforms, including the free, open source options that are so popular these days.

Can the solution be white-labeled?

White labeling is the ability to add your logo to the SIP control panel and other communications, such as email notifications and invoices. This capability gives the solution your brand’s identity and ensures top-of-mind awareness for your brand.

What kind of technical support is offered?

Support for SIP trunking programs varies from none, to expert service available when you need it. It is worth a conversation with any SIP wholesale partner you consider. Find out how qualified and accessible the support agents are and how far they will go to ensure your success. SIP deployments are usually hassle-free, but you should know there is backup if you need it.

How are billing and taxes handled?

Billing, and especially tax calculations, for SIP can be a big pain. You want to be in the business of selling SIP trunking, not invoicing for it. The good news is that you can find a wholesale SIP provider that will take all of the accounting stuff off your hands and handle billing and taxes for you.

If you get the right answers to all of these questions, you can be confident that you’ve found a wholesale SIP program that will set you up for outstanding results. There’s no need to compromise, you can find a provider that confidently checks every box.

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