Evaluate SIP Reseller Programs Based on These 3 Categories

choicesIf you are looking for a way to boost revenue and diversify your offerings in 2017, joining a SIP trunk reseller program is a smart move. The SIP trunking market is approaching $10 billion dollars. You might as well grab some of them.

Becoming a SIP dealer is really quite easy. Unless you want the headache of building and managing your own platform, you simply need to select a SIP trunking provider with a reseller program that meets your needs. But choosing the right partner can be a little tricky. Not all SIP providers offer the same benefits for resellers, so it is necessary to carefully evaluate each one that you consider. We recommend looking at three important attributes of any program; the business terms, the technology platform, and the range of services you can offer. Here’s what you should look for.

Business Terms

Any successful partnership must include terms that are beneficial to each party. Don’t get pulled into one that is tilted toward the SIP trunk provider. Instead look for:

No Contracts: You don’t need to get locked into a long-term commitment to become a SIP trunk reseller. You can find a partner that doesn’t require you or your customers to sign a contract. That way, the provider needs to earn your business month after month.

Hassle Free Billing and Taxes: You want to spend as much of your time as possible growing your business, not figuring out the complex mess of local, state, and federal taxes and fees associated with telecommunications services. Choose a SIP trunking partner that will do this for you.

Professional Support: SIP trunking services are easy to deploy and use, but as with any technology, issues can arise from time to time. Be sure to select a partner with expert support available for you and your customers.

Transparent Commissions: Your partner should provide you with monthly commission reports that show the breakdown of what you have earned. The best programs automatically deposit your earnings right into your bank account.

Choice of Bandwidth:  Some SIP trunking providers require that you and your customers get internet bandwidth service from them. This prevents your clients from choosing the ISP with the best value and speed in their area. Instead, choose a provider that will let you use whatever bandwidth you like.

Dialer Traffic Allowed – If you suspect that any of your clients will leverage automated dialers, be aware that some platform providers do not allow dialer traffic or they charge big fees. There are programs, however, that welcome this sort of traffic.


Obviously, the technology that will power SIP is central to your success and your customer’s satisfaction. Here are a few platform features to look for.

User-Friendly Control Panel – The way that you and your customs will interact with the SIP platform is through the online control panel. This will be the face of SIP for your customers, so you want to find one that is easy to use. You should be able to make moves, adds, and changes in just a few clicks.

Tier-1, Redundant Networks – The network that is used to deliver calls to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) will determine the quality of audio, availability, and reliability of the SIP trunks that you offer. Therefore, you should consider only Tier-1 networks with built-in redundancy. Otherwise, you risk a poor experience for your customers.

Platform Compatibility – It is important that the SIP trunk solution you offer works with the PBX systems that your customers have in place or will buy. Choose a solution that is compatible with a broad range of solutions, including many of the free, open-source PBX systems on the market.

Automated Provisioning – You want the onboarding process for new customers to be quick and hassle free. Platforms with automated provisioning make it possible to get a new customer online in 10 minutes or less.

White labeling – In order to deepen your relationships with customers, you want your logo and branding to be seen as often as possible. Some SIP trunk platforms are brandable, allowing you to keep your name on the top of your customer’s mind.

Service Offerings

In order to maximize revenue and meet the varied needs of clients, look for a partner with flexible service offerings and a variety of add-on options. Consider:

Unlimited SIP Trunking: With an unlimited SIP trunk, customers are charged one low monthly fee per trunk that covers all calls to most of the US and Canada. This is a popular choice for customers that want predictable monthly communication costs.

Scalable SIP Turnk Pricing: Although unlimited SIP trunking is popular, some clients prefer to have a block of minutes that can be spread over an unlimited number of SIP channels (or lines). If you choose a partner that offers both, you’ll be able to meet the needs of many types of clients.

Fax Over IP: Reports of the death of faxing have been greatly exaggerated. Faxing remains important in certain industries such as law, banking, and insurance. You can increase the amount of monthly billing for these customers by offering Fax Over IP in addition to SIP for voice calls.

Toll-Free Inbound Service: Offering a toll-free number is a good way for a business to convey professionalism and credibility. The best SIP trunking providers allow you to offer toll-free inbound service based on calling tiers.

If you find a partner with a powerful platform, business friendly business terms, and flexible service offerings, you’ll put yourself in the position to build a base of monthly recurring revenue and delight your customers. We wish you all a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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