The Time is Right for Reselling SIP Trunking Services

Now is the time to resell SIP trunkingIf you are a little gun shy about reselling SIP trunking services because you’ve heard stories of poor quality and failed implementations, we’ve got good news. While it is true that there were lots of problems with SIP and VoIP back in the early 1990s, the technologies have come a long way. These days you can confidently convince your customers that it is time to ditch the traditional telephone infrastructure and switch to SIP.

In the Beginning

When VoIP first came onto the market, it earned a reputation for being unreliable with terrible voice quality. The reason for this is that the internet infrastructure was not yet ready for voice. Many businesses still had low bandwidth connections and did not have routers with the quality of service (QoS) capabilities that are necessary for high-quality voice calls. Jitter and latency plagued early VoIP calls and turned many people off to the concept.

A lot has changed in the past 15 years. Today, high-speed internet connections are essentially ubiquitous in business. Most routers are equipped with QoS and are more than capable of handling voice and data traffic on the same network. This helps explain why adoption of VoIP and SIP is increasing at such a rapid clip. The challenges experienced in the early days have been overcome.

Reselling SIP trunking services

One of the most compelling reasons to consider reselling SIP trunking services is the addition of a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) stream. This is possible because most SIP providers pay a commission as long as the customer is on the service. Unlike the hardware sales model that is difficult to predict and relies on large transactions to close, the monthly recurring model offers resellers the ability to forecast revenue far more accurately. Each new subscription builds on the last.

Modern SIP trunking providers have made the process of getting customers up and running on SIP seamless and fast for resellers. The best solutions offer an online portal for provisioning and managing customer deployments. You can get your SIP business off the ground with little effort or upfront cost.

How Your Customers Benefit from SIP Trunking

There are several benefits to SIP for businesses of all types and sizes, but the single most important one is lowered communications cost. The analyst firm Gartner estimates that switching to SIP saves up to 50% over traditional telephone services. That, combined with the fact that SIP trunking is now reliable with voice quality that is difficult to distinguish from legacy lines, makes SIP a bit of a no-brainer for businesses.

Other advantages include the flexibility of being able to add or reduce SIP channels at any time; the ability to failover to other offices, home phones, or mobile devices in the event of an emergency; and pricing options that are optimized based on the needs of the business.

Don’t let ancient history keep you from transforming your business by adding SIP trunking services to your offer. You’ll be glad you did and so will your customers.

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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