How SIP Trunking Resellers Can Put Customer Concerns to Rest

resell sip trunksAccording to Infonetics, 45% of businesses in North America are already using SIP trunking. That number is predicted to increase to 67% by 2017. Despite its growing popularity, there are still some persistent concerns that you’ll inevitably come across while reselling SIP trunking services. Here is how you can address the top five and help your customers get more comfortable with the approach.

Poor Audio Quality

When people hear about using the internet, rather than traditional telephone lines for voice, they often think of consumer grade services like Skype or Vontage and equate the approach with choppy calls and lots of lag. It’s important to educate customers about the difference between these unmanaged services and business quality SIP trunking. It will also help to reassure them that the SIP trunking service that you resell uses only tier-1, redundant networks which offer call quality on par with hardwired telephone lines. Overcoming quality concerns will be easier if you choose a white labeled SIP trunking partner that makes it easy to conduct a free trial.

Too Expensive

Because SIP trunking is a modern technology and because it enables advanced unified communications features and disaster recovery, many people assume that it is more expensive than legacy land lines. Of course, this is exactly backward. One of the main reasons people turn to SIP trunking is to save money. In fact, according to, small businesses that switch reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%, and save up to 90% on international calls. It is also important to point out that unlike PRI lines that are sold in groups of 23, SIP trunks can be deployed one channel at a time. This means that your customers will pay for only what they need with the ability to grow on-demand. If you resell SIP services through, your clients won’t be required to enter into a long-term contract, giving them unlimited flexibility.

Too Difficult to Install and Manage

Some people hear the words SIP trunks and recoil at the thought of managing something so complex. But these days you don’t have to be a telecommunications expert to install and maintain SIP trunks. You can confidently explain to customers that you’ll have them up and running in no time and that with your help, and our online control panel, administering the system is a breeze.

Increased Fraud Risk

Toll fraud is a very real and growing problem and business phone systems are an attractive target for criminals. But this concern should not keep your customers from enjoying the flexibility and cost savings of SIP. We hope that you’ll choose to form a reseller partnership with, but even if you don’t, make sure to choose a partner with automated systems in place to help detect fraudulent activity and protect your customers from financial harm.

Too Cutting Edge

Your customers may see SIP trunking as a new and novel technology, but it’s been around since the 1980’s.  In fact, according to Information Week, 70% of companies indicated they have deployed a cloud-based phone system or plan to do so. Infonetics expects continued strong worldwide growth for SIP trunking over the next 5 years, forecasting the market to reach $8 billion in 2018. SIP trunking is not a fad, nor is it a risky move for your clients.

SIP trunking offers significant benefits for your clients. You can get them on their way to lower costs and increased flexibility by addressing these concerns head on and setting their minds at ease.

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