8 Things to Ask Before Joining a SIP Trunk Reseller Program

SIP reseller programMany IT consultants and telco dealers are capitalizing on the accelerating adoption of SIP as a means of business communications. Reselling SIP services is an excellent way to grow your business and create a recurring revenue stream. But it is important to make a smart decision about which SIP trunk reseller program to join. Here are a few questions that you can ask to make sure you find a partner that supports your needs and those of your customers.

Do you use Tier-1 redundant networks?

Nothing is as important as the performance and reliability of the solution you offer to your clients. Some SIP providers cut costs, and corners, by leveraging subpar networks. Don’t be fooled. The only way to ensure high-quality audio and uninterrupted service is to choose a partner that uses only Tier-1 networks with automated fail-over capabilities.

What pricing options can I offer?

Each customer has different telecommunications consumption needs. For some, a number of SIP channels with unlimited minutes will fit the bill. Others may prefer an unlimited number of channels with a bundled block of minutes. By choosing a partner with flexible pricing options, you’ll be able to give your customers exactly what they want.

Can clients cancel anytime?

One of the main benefits of SIP trunking for your clients is that it gets them away from the long-term obligations associated with traditional PRI contracts. You can find a SIP provider that embraces flexibility, letting clients cancel at any time, for any reason.

Is provisioning automated?

You don’t want to waste time with paperwork or deal with delays in getting your clients up and running. Choose a SIP trunk reseller program with automated provisioning so that you can deploy service for your clients and make changes on-demand.

Do you offer 24×7 support?

In today’s world business never stops. You and your customers should be able to get expert technical support around the clock.

How are billing and taxes handled?

Billing and taxes for SIP services are a pain in the neck. Unless you really enjoy the process of preparing and delivering monthly invoices, choose a SIP trunk partner that will handle the accounting side of things for you.

Can I brand the service with my logo?

Some SIP platforms will let you use your logo and colors in the application that your customers use to administer their system. This is a great way to market your brand and strengthen your customer relationships.

Which PBX platforms are supported?

There are a broad range of PBX platforms in the market. Everything from legacy PBX solutions to IP-enabled platforms, and open source, free PBX software solutions. It makes sense to join a SIP reseller program that supports all of the equipment you are likely to come across.

Every reputable SIP provider should be able to easily answer these questions. By taking the time to ask, you’ll ensure that you get a SIP trunk reseller program that can help you get your SIP business off the ground quickly and painlessly.

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