What Services Can You Offer as a SIP Trunk Affiliate?

sip trunk affiliateWith the increasing popularity of SIP trunking as a business communications solution, it is not surprising that many telco dealers and IT consulting firms are joining the ranks of SIP trunk affiliates. It is an excellent way to boost income by developing a recurring monthly revenue stream. It’s also a great service to clients who appreciate the ability to get modern technology from a partner they already trust.

As a SIP trunk affiliate, you will have the opportunity to offer a variety of services. We should note that not all wholesale SIP trunk providers are the same. We are basing this article on the services that we offer. You may find other providers have a more limited set of options. Here’s what’s on the menu.

Unlimited SIP Trunking

The simplest and easiest way to package SIP trunking services is called Unlimited SIP Trunking. This approach gives the customer a single channel with unlimited outbound calling to the lower 48 US states along with unlimited inbound calling. Customers love this option because they don’t need to worry about tracking minutes. They simply subscribe to as many channels as they need to cover the number of expected concurrent inbound and outbound calls.  They enjoy the fact that their monthly communications costs are steady and predictable.


Direct Inward Dial (DID) lets users have a dedicated phone number that rings to a particular extension. There are several DID options available; standard, which includes inbound and outbound CNAM (Caller ID Name) settings; enhanced, which also includes e911 and Directory Assistance Listing; toll free; and international.

Inbound Toll Free

SIP trunk affiliates can offer inbound toll free service that enables customers to get inbound toll free calls that originate from the continental United States and Canada. This service generally comes in a bundle of monthly per minute packages.

Outbound International

For clients that need it, outbound international services allow them to reach any phone in the world. Per minute rates vary by location. There can be big differences in rates offered by providers, so if this is an important service for your clients, be sure to understand your SIP trunk provider’s rate schedule.

Electronic Fax

The fax machine may fast be turning into a relic, but businesses in some industries are still required to communicate via fax. SIP trunks affiliates can make this easier on their clients by offering electronic fax or fax over IP. Customers get the convenience of faxing from a desktop client, or from Outlook, and faxing to email.

As a SIP trunk affiliate, you’ll have a variety of ways to streamline communications and reduce costs for your customers. At the same time, you’ll grow your business and become an even more important resource for your clients.

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