10 Crucial SIP Trunking Features for Resellers

sip trunking for resellers
Adding SIP trunking to the menu of services you offer is a very good call. With virtually no capital investment on your part, you can easily begin to build a recurring revenue stream. You’ll also be helping your customers sharply reduce their monthly communications cost, making you a hero and strengthening your customer relationships.

However, not all SIP trunking service providers are the same. They offer a variety of different features and pricing models. Some features are just nice to have, while others are essential to a painless experience for you and your clients. These are the most important features that you wouldn’t want to live without.

#1 – Automated Provisioning

The best SIP trunking for resellers solutions make it so easy to get a new client up and running that a new account can be created in less than 10 minutes. Moves, adds, and changes should also be easily accomplished in an online portal.

#2 – Tier 1, Redundant Infrastructure

Excellent performance and reliability are non-negotiable. Therefore, it is important to choose a SIP trunking partner that leverages only the highest quality networks available. That means a Tier 1 carrier network with built-in disaster recovery and failover.

#3 – Platform Compatibility

You don’t have to make a capital investment in SIP trunking and your customers shouldn’t either. That means choosing a solution that is compatible with a wide variety of the PBX systems that your customers already have as well as the many open source, free PBX systems available.

#4 – Flexible Subscription Plans

Some customers will be best served with unlimited minutes on a set number of SIP channels. Others will prefer and unlimited number of channels with a specified number of minutes. It makes sense to choose a SIP trunking platform for resellers that lets you offer both.

#5 – 24/7 Customer Support

With the right platform, SIP trunks are easy enough to provision and manage that you may never need help from the vendor. However, things do come up from time to time and you deserve the peace of mind that help is available whenever you need it.

#6 – No Contracts

One of the big advantages of SIP trunking over PRI lines for customers is the flexibility to cancel or change subscription plans at any time. Your customers aren’t locked in and you shouldn’t be either. You can choose a partner that doesn’t require any long-term commitments at all.

#7 – White Labeling

Promote your brand by going with a platform that allows you to add your logo and brand identity.

#8 – Effortless Billing and Taxes

Stay out of the complicated business of SIP billing and taxes by choosing a partner that handles it for you. You’ll be glad you did.

#9 – Widespread DID Footprint and Local Number Portability

Your clients should be able to keep their local phone numbers if they like, or add new local DID numbers no matter where they are.

#10 – Toll Fraud Protection

International toll fraud is a massive problem that could cause significant headaches for you and your customers. Choose a SIP trunking for resellers vendor that has systems in place to constantly monitor for toll fraud and immediately stop any suspicious activity.

If you keep these important features in mind when selecting your SIP trunking partner, you will make this part of your business easy on yourself and you’ll be confident that your customers are in good hands. All you have to do after that is decide how you’ll spend your commissions.


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