How to Select the Best SIP Trunk Platform for Resellers

best SIP trunk platform for resellersIf you’ve decided to add SIP trunking to your portfolio of services, you are making a smart move. Businesses of all types and sizes are increasingly interested in the cost savings, flexibility, and ease of use that SIP provides. But there are many vendors out there, so it can be challenging to determine which is the best SIP trunk platform for resellers. Here are some of the most important considerations.

SIP Trunk Platform for Resellers Checklist

Rate Plan Flexibility

Not all of your customers will have the same voice communications needs, so it makes sense to choose a partner that offers the flexibility for you to configure an offer that makes sense for each of your clients. Look for a provider that offers the option to sell:

  • Unlimited Minutes Trunks – Trunks with unlimited minutes per channel
  • Unlimited Channels Trunks – Trunks with an unlimited number of channels, but a set number of minutes
  • Wholesale Trunks – Unlimited number of channels with a per minute rate

Online Administration Platform

You want a partner that will make provisioning, billing, taxing and SIP registration seamless and easy. Make sure to choose one that also makes it painless to order DIDs and port phone numbers. With the right solution, you’ll be able to focus on selling and servicing your clients, not administration.

A Reliable, Tier-1 Network

You only want to offer high performance, reliable service to your customers, so it is essential to choose a SIP partner that uses only tier-1 networks that are SAE 16 Type II certified, with real-time replication and complete redundancy. You also want to be sure that the network is equipped with automatic outage detection and instantaneous failover to backup gateway servers.

Platform Interoperability

Your clients and prospects likely have a mix of PBX solutions, so make sure that any SIP trunk platform for resellers that you consider works with a variety of platforms such as Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX and gateways such as AudioCodes and Sangoma.

White Labeling

Ideally, you will find a partner that allows for the sale of SIP trunking services under your brand name. You can also expect to receive a branded landing page to support your sales efforts.

Expert Service and Support

Perhaps most importantly, you should look for a partner that offers expert service and support. Because of the popularity of SIP trunking, many new vendors are entering the SIP market, so it can be difficult to vet the experience and track record of those you evaluate. Therefore, it is smart to ask lots of questions about how you will be supported and be sure to review references and testimonials from other resellers and end users.

You can find a SIP trunk platform for resellers that is backed by people who are dedicated to helping you make money and delight your clients with a solution that both makes economic sense and delivers high-quality voice services.

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