What Might Be Keeping Your Customers from Choosing SIP?

It’s likely that your customers use the cloud for any number of business applications. They might use cloud-based customer database, point of sale, collaboration, payroll and marketing systems. But despite their comfort with other types of cloud computing, some businesses are still reticent to switch to SIP trunking for their business communications. Here are a few of the reasons your customers may be reluctant to choose SIP and how you can address them.

Reliability Concerns

No business wants to be in the position of having poor quality audio, or worse, voice system downtime. Even though your clients might loathe the high cost and rigidity of the traditional phone system and legacy carriers, at least they know it works. If reliability is a concern for your customers, you can reassure them by explaining that the SIP solution you offer uses only Tier 1 carrier networks, giving customers call quality and reliability that match those of conventional telephone lines.

Lack of Technical Resources

Many people assume that SIP trunking is technically complex and that it is only for large businesses with in-house IT resources. The idea of deploying and maintaining SIP trunks can be overwhelming for some. Fortunately, our SIP trunking software is easy to deploy and support, even by someone with little background on the details of telephony. Our control panel makes it a snap to handle moves, adds, and changes, or to add or discontinue service.

Lack of Education

We eat, breathe and sleep SIP, but alas, not everyone does. Many business owners may be paying more than they need to for business communications simply because they are unaware of SIP trunking as an option or they don’t know enough about its benefits. You are in the perfect position to introduce the concept and help your customers figure out exactly how much they can save.

Security Fears

There’s no denying the fact that anything connected to the internet is subject to bad actors who might try to gain unauthorized access for nefarious reasons.  One of the biggest concerns with SIP and VoIP is international toll fraud. Your clients can protect themselves by choosing a SIP provider that has methods in place to detect and stop suspicious activity.

Old PBX Technology

It is a common misconception that legacy PBX hardware can’t be used for SIP trunking. Some may believe that the initial cost of a new PBX is too high to balance the cost savings. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all. It is possible to combine older PBX technology with new SIP trunking capabilities. A small, inexpensive device called an analog telephony adapter is all it takes to convert analog signals to digital and vice versa.

These are all reasonable concerns that you should be prepared to discuss with your clients. By partnering with SIPTRUNK.com you’ve found a great answer for each of these important questions. Your clients can confidently join the thousands of other businesses that are enjoying the cost savings, flexibility and reliability of SIP trunking.


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