Weekly Recap – SIP Trunk Podcasts

In case you missed the posts this week, we’ve gathered them all together for you, plus a couple industry articles, in one convenient location.

If there was a theme to the week, it would be “SIP Trunk Podcasts.”

Everything You Wanted to Know About SIP Trunking, But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Ingate President Steven Johns joins the UC Buyer in a podcast to talk about all the details of SIP trunking that you may have wondered about.

Industry insiders take it for granted that they’ve been working with SIP trunks for some time now and often forget that the everyday user doesn’t have the same deep understanding of what the technology is and how it works.

This podcast clears up any confusion you may have about SIP trunks and more including:

  • SIP Used for more than just voice calls (video, screen sharing, file sharing)
  • Disaster recovery benefits
  • Long distance calls over PSTN are already using SIP
  • Copper lines are going away by 2020

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Marc Fribush of Talks Says Automation is the Focus

Marc Fribush, Managing Director of, talks to Telecom Reseller in this podcast explaining that automation is the focus of the platform.

A SIP trunk can be spun up in 60 seconds, dealers can enjoy automated commissions, and takes care of billing and taxes.

Listen to more of the benefits including:

  • Relationships with Grandstream, 3CX, Asterisk, AudioCodes, and more
  • Leverage the knowleged and experience of through online SIP trunking configuration and device setup guides
  • Reliable SimpleFAX fax over IP service powered by AudioCodes

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SIP Architecture 101

Andrew Prokop at No Jitter explains “Whether you are working with Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, or BroadSoft, you will encounter proxies, registrars, and back-to-back user agents.”

Read on to learn more about high level SIP components such as SIP servers, SIP proxies, SIP registrars, back-to-back user agents, redirect servers, and how all these pieces proves “the highly adaptable nature of SIP and ensures its role in communications for a long time to come.”

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Review of SIP Door Phone and Paging Adapter from Algo

Michael Graves on his blog, Graves on SOHO Technology, reviews a Algo SIP Door Phone and Paging Adapter and details how it works for his application – a home office.

The Algo door phone is essentially “a SIP phone in a small metal box” that is also capable of routing calls to your cell phone. The paging adapter supports wideband audio and syncs with any audio requirements you have from your SIP service.

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Stay tuned for more SIP trunking news – see you next week!

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