In case you missed the posts this week, we’ve gathered them all together for you, plus a couple industry articles, in one convenient location.

If there was a theme to the week, it would be “SIP Services.”

What Exactly Is a Cloud PBX?

A PBX you is a private branch exchange but what is a cloud PBX and how can it help your customers?

Share this quick guide to cloud PBXs to help your customers understand how:

  • It delivers calls over the internet, routed by the service provider, not the equipment
  • It’s a minimalist approach to equipment that doesn’t require special setup
  • Easy to set up remote locations

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Should You Charge a Flat Rate for SIP Trunk Services?

A flat rate pricing system for your SIP trunk services may appear to simplify things for your customers but, is it really such a good idea?

Read on to consider these three red flags to look for when considering flat rate pricing.

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SIP vs Snow

Andrew Prokop explores a great selling point of SIP trunks; the SIP-enabled worker. Thanks to SIP even Mother Nature can’t slow you down, even if you can’t make it in to the office.

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The Avaya SIP Router

In this whitepaper from Global Knowledge you’ll learn more about the Avaya system and session manager platforms. The Avaya session manager acts a “SIP router” to route calls, track SIP users, act as a SIP firewall, and integrate with other SIP services like voicemail and conferencing.

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Stay tuned for more SIP trunking news – see you next week!

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