SIP Survey Snippet – SIP Trunking Trial

Previously on the blog we shared the release of the SIP School’s SIP Survey 2015 from SIP School CEO, Graham Francis.

What’s interesting about the 2015 SIP Survey is that it not only features more respondents than previous years but, it includes responses from both Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs or, “providers”) and a new segment, the actual end users of SIP trunking services.

We promised that we’d break the in-depth survey into bite-sized chunks so today’s theme is SIP Trunking Trial.

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How Important Are SIP Trunking Trials?

A question posed to end users by the SIP Survey was, what do you do after participating in a SIP trunking trial?

If you’re a SIP trunk dealer, a SIP trunk trial is very important.

The survey results show that after a trial period, end users are more than likely to sign up with the provider that helped them test the system.

sip trunking trial

Get it right the first time and “A happy client will stick with you for years thus making the time, effort and expense of offering a trial to them more than worth it,” said the SIP Survey.

Before Your SIP Trunk Trial

It’s recommended that end users assess their network, if they haven’t done so already, before taking advantage of a trial.

It’s important to know if a SIP trunk is compatible with your existing system whether it’s a legacy PBX, open source platform, software-based PBX, or an IP PBX.

Network assessment tools can also check for potential issues such as instability, router problems, and bandwidth issues.

SIP trunking needs high-speed, broadband internet to work properly.

If a business tries to use VoIP phones over a slow internet connection (that’s also strained by employee workstations and mobile devices) and gets poor call quality they may end up mistakenly blaming the provider.

g.711 codec bandwidth internet speed test

Here’s a simple way to predict SIP Trunking QoS (Quality of Service) by doing an internet speed test.

Art Miller, Director of Sales at, wrote a handy guide that helps users improve QoS on SIP trunks:

The most common issues that we see are on the customer’s LAN, and making sure there isn’t someone sucking down too big a portion of the bandwidth. A good Layer 2 or Layer 3 switch will solve most issues with QoS (rate limiting, broadcast storm control, VLAN tagging, etc).

Free SIP Trunk Trial

In addition to making sure that a potential SIP trunk installation actually works, a SIP trunk trial will also allow you to:

  • Test drive enhanced features
  • Get a feel for ease of use and setup
  • Test support dependability and responsiveness offers dealers a FREE SIP TRUNK and 100 minutes to test inbound and outbound calling with no obligations.

With a live demo of the platform you can use the platform as an agent, reseller, and end user to see why is a great choice for your SIP Trunk offering.


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