DID You Know?

North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Area Code Map

North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Area Code Map

Did you know that SIPTRUNK.com offers DID’s in all 292 U.S. area codes?

Our interface allows you to find a phone number (DID) in each area code, respectively by city.

For example, if you have ever pulled up the Miami, FL rate center and searched for area code 305, you’ll come up empty!

That’s because area code 305 DID’s have been sold out for years in Miami.

You can only get 305 in the Florida Keys.

305 is 305, nobody cares where it is as long as it’s 305.

Search “Keys Rate Center” and you will find what you seek.

What’s a DID?

If you landed here but you’re still not sure what a DID is, here’s a brief explanation.

A DID or Direct Inward Dial is a dedicated telephone number that allows your customers to receive calls directly via their VoIP IP PBX or analog PBX extension.

Unlike traditional phone lines, the DID does not have a dedicated line and can receive calls on any of the businesses SIP trunk lines.

Full List and Off the List Numbers

We offer a full list of numbers through our interface, and even have some off the list numbers in some cases (I’m looking at you, Manhattan area code 212).

Feel free to check with sales@siptrunk.com if you need assistance, or better yet, create a free trial and access the free demo DID and demo SIP trunk.

The demo account will allow you to access the rate centers and pull up and pick your DID, just as if you had a full account.

We also offer:

  • Canadian DIDs,
  • Toll Free DIDs,
  • and International DIDs

All DIDs are offered through the same slick and automated SIPTRUNK.com interface.

SIPTRUNK.com Dealer Discounts

If you like what you see, or find a number you like with your demo account you can then convert the demo DID and demo trunk to a paid service at a 15% discount!

Every time you order direct, you receive a 15% discount on all of our services. Every time you order on behalf of a customer you receive a 15% commission.

SIPTRUNK.com offers different types of DIDs, based on your needs:

  • STANDARD: Regular DID number with inbound CNAM and outbound CNAM setting
  • ENHANCED: STANDARD DID with the addition of e911 and Directory Assistance Listing
  • TOLL FREE: DID in the 888,877,866,855,844 area codes along with actual 800 number availability

More DID Info

Need more info? Click here to read, How to Find Number Blocks (and When You’d Need Them), which explains how to find DID number blocks, where phone numbers come from, and how to take advantage of blocks of DIDs.

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