SIP Survey Snippet – TDM, Cloud, and SIP Implementation

Previously on the blog we shared the release of the SIP School’s SIP Survey 2015 from SIP School CEO, Graham Francis.

What’s interesting about the 2015 SIP Survey is that it not only features more respondents than previous years but, it includes responses from both Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs or, “providers”) and a new segment, the actual end users of SIP trunking services.

We promised that we’d break the in-depth survey into bite-sized chunks so today’s theme is SIP implementation.

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Most Popular PBX Configuration

“Which PBX does your company have for its own internal use” was a question that was posed only to SIP end-users.

The answers revealed that an ongoing trend in the VoIP space is alive and well and will be continuing in the near future – Most companies have a mix of old and new technologies deployed to handle their communication needs.

sip survey snippet tdm cloud sip

The majority of respondents said they have a mixture of PBX technologies in place from IP PBXs, to TDM, to cloud-based services.

Even though TDM-based PBXs comprised only a little more than 1% of those surveyed, the SIP Survey put these numbers in perspective by saying that:

Of course a mixture could mean that companies still have an old TDM system that’s taking time to de-commission or that they have a fully-fledged IP based PBX but using the cloud for other services such as ‘cloud based’ Call Center services, Call Recording etc.

The SIP Survey also included some interesting industry commentary from Steve Johnson of Ingate, a manufacturer of firewalls and Session Border Controllers (SBCs) for SIP trunking:

The Cloud seems to be getting such hype that I’m surprised that only a small number of respondents are using it as the primary provider of SIP trunks.

Not only is the cloud not utilized for SIP trunks as much as we might have thought but, SIP trunk implementation itself has plenty of room to grow.

Andrew Prokop in his No Jitter article, Looking Back on Communications in 2015, comments that, “I’ve seen more SBCs installed and SIP trunks deployed than the previous three years combined, but less than I hoped for…People are adopting mobile SIP clients faster than ever, but we still have a long way to go.”

Stay tuned for the next SIP Survey Snippet!

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