How to Increase Your SIP Customers’ Service Reliability

Since service reliability is such a crucial element for businesses considering making the switch to SIP, having the know-how to increase that reliability should be at the top of any reseller’s mind.
There are better backups for voice today than the analog options of old, and more and more businesses are taking a good hard look at the way SIP can serve in those backup roles.

Using SIP as Backup

Using SIP trunking for a backup solution does not mean they must buy a matching number of lines as has the primary solution. This makes it an extremely economical decision. A SIP backup option is, in every way, just as simple in its setup as it is for primary. Each step in configuration and testing is identical, and the entire process is often done in less than a day.

If a business wants to utilize SIP rather than their PRIs, it’s as easy as configuring the dial plan of their on-site PBX to route calls to the SIP trunk provider, which bypasses the PRIs.

Inbound, on the other hand, requires that the carrier be notified to forward calls to numbers on the account. That way, the call is received and processed via the business’ on-site PBX.

Every Trunk Counts

With the backup all in place, your customer can rest easy knowing that they have phone service that will work reliably well into the future. Even if it may not necessitate their purchasing of as many trunks for the backup as they have for their primary, by offering this to new and existing customers, you will see the benefit in additional monthly recurring revenue. Christmas will be that much merrier!


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