7 reasons every telecom dealer should resell SIP trunking services

why resell sip trunking

It’s not easy being a telecom dealer these days.

Hosted VoIP providers continue to usher customers to the cloud. Shifting buying trends are forcing a change in business models.

A $100,000 phone system can now be had for under $1,000. A small business can get a hosted seat for $25 per month.

The rug has been pulled out from the old way of selling telecom; the big splashes and fat hardware margins are done.

While many telecom dealers have offered consultative or managed services for years, the vast majority have not relied on recurring telecom services as a source of their revenues.

For a dealer in this situation, maybe even you, this is a problem. Luckily, this a problem that can be solved.

Today, the easiest way to augment your business model, combat pressures from hosted VoIP providers and quickly build a recurring revenue stream is through reselling SIP trunking.

Why SIP trunking? Well, besides the ease and speed at which you can begin selling, there are seven other reasons to consider:

  1. Save your customers money on communications costs – This is an obvious one that most people gravitate towards, so let’s get it out of the way first. Of course cost savings is a reason! Helping your customers save money is an important value proposition of any SIP trunking service.
  2. Migrate customers to VoIP without replacing their PBX – There are many cases where your customers existing analog PBX is functioning properly and the only value Voice over IP brings to them is cost savings. In those instances, SIP trunking services can be paired with a VoIP gateway that interfaces with the PBX to allow for SIP calling.
  3. Compete with hosted PBX solutions – When SIP trunking services are bundled with an IP PBX and sold through a lease, you can offer their customers the same features and functionality as their hosted PBX competitors at a comparable monthly cost. This is especially important if you have many smaller customers, since hosted VoIP offerings aggressively target the small in SMB.
  4. Launch new offerings – Once you decide to resell SIP trunking services, you can offer a wide variety of new services to customers. From DIDs to outbound international calling, SIP trunking services can be resold in a number of different ways to fit virtually any customer need.
  5. Simplify your customer deployments – With SIP trunking there is no need to physically install or provision a line. SIP trunk channels are provisioned virtually and are available almost instantly, eliminating the headaches associated with POTS lines. This saves you both time and money, plus greatly simplifies your installations and ongoing maintenance.
  6. Increase customer deployment profitability – If you’re not making profits every month on SIP trunking services sold with your phone system deployments then you’re missing out on a tremendous revenue opportunity. With even your smallest customers generate hundreds of dollars per year in potential profits.
  7. Build monthly recurring service revenues – The last reason and likely the most important reason for reselling SIP trunking services has to be the ability to build monthly recurring service revenues. At the end of the day no one wants to start every month at zero if they can help it. By reselling SIP trunking services alongside your IP PBX and VoIP gateway deployments you can build a great revenue base that keeps passively coming in each and every month.

If that’s not enough to convince you, consider the fact that the market for SIP trunking is set to double in the next two years.

That’s over $8 billion reasons to take notice and start reselling!

Ready to Start SIP Trunking?

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